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It's a Jeep Thang - Podcast Episode 9

June 09, 2023 Hosts: Rick Péwé & Traci Clark Season 1 Episode 9
Gone-Gpn Show
It's a Jeep Thang - Podcast Episode 9
Show Notes

We have special guests on this episode! We talk about trail etiquette and passing on trail knowledge to the next generation of Jeepers.
Jeremy Rowe a Jeeper and rising star on the music scene performs his Jeeper's anthem "Jeep Thang" for us. JeremyRowe-music.com
Traditional lights or LED on Willys vs Wrangler.
Jennifer Chapin stops by to talk about her books and some of her Jeep experiences. Jenniferchapin.org
Send us your upcoming Jeep/off-road events for this summer and fall and we'll post them on our social pages.

Video editor: 
   Liam Lafferty, Jeep Sheep TV

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